How to get the most from your flyers…

Flyers are used by businesses of all sizes throughout the world. They’re one of the easiest ways for small businesses to get attention and draw people to their business or organisation.

Getting flyers printed is now so cheap there’s no reason why businesses of any size can’t get the same ‘look and feel’ as much larger companies, but as with everything there’s a few things to remember…

3 points to remember to get the best result…

  1. You know (hopefully) who your customers are, so think about HOW you’re going to target them; if you’re offering window cleaning there’s no point handing out flyers in a town centre on a friday night… (you get the point).
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  3. Think about the point of your flyers… if you’re aim is to fill your cafe with hungry punters there’s little point harping on about how wonderful your event catering skills are. Try to stick to just one focus – this might be to make a sale, to get people to an event, or get a positive sales lead.
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  5. Spend time and effort on your artwork… make it as beautiful as possible (nobody likes an ugly flyer). If you don’t have the skills yourself DON’T design it yourself! Artwork is now cheap enough to afford (usually) so if doing it yourself is likely to result in a crap design, farm it out!
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 One final thing (and extremely important) thing to remember, is your content… don’t talk sh*t, say anything stupid or make silly mistakes (like spelling errors) – it happens more than you’d believe!

Thanks for reading, hope it helps…

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