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How we check every order

Every time someone orders from us we carefully check the artwork to ensure it’s suitable for printing, and will print as well as possible. We do this because we really care about your order, we want you to be as pleased with your leaflets as we are proud to print them for you. We hope that by delivering exceptional service you’ll want to come back to us time and time again.

Here’s what we check for:

  • We make sure it’s the correct size (it needs to be 303x216mm which is then trimmed after printing down to 297x210mm).
  • That it’s the correct resolution (it needs to be 300dpi)
  • That it’s exported in CMYK
  • That all the text, images and graphics (icons, logos etc) are the correct resolution and won’t be pixelated when printed
  • That the folds are in the correct places
  • That the bleed is correct and that nothing important is bleeding off the page.

If we notice an issue we’ll let you know via email. If it’s minor and we’re able to easily fix it ourselves we’ll go ahead and correct it… If this is the case we’ll always send you a screen proof back explaining what we’ve done and why so that you can approve it before we go to print.

If your artwork is good to go you won’t receive a screen proof – we’ll get straight on with printing and you’ll receive an email with your expected delivery date. If you’d like a screen proof for any reason just pop a note in the order requests box when placing your order.