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Cheap, practical, and a fantastic way to promote your business; Leaflets and Flyers have been top of the bestseller lists for years. From cheap economy leaflets to luxury flyers, our range has a choice of thicknesses and finishes to suit every business.

What's the difference between Leaflets and Flyers?

Through the years local printers have conjured up clever marketing speak to sell printed handouts for promotional use. As larger online printers have taken over from small print and copy shops, these handouts have become commonly branded as leaflets and flyers. 

Typically a 'leaflet' is printed on thinner paper stock whilst 'flyers' use thicker stocks. 

The line where a leaflet becomes a flyer is open for discussion, but generally leaflets are printed on anything between 130gsm and 200gsm, and flyers are printed on 200gsm+; usually around 300gsm.

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What to consider when ordering printing online

The lowest price doesn't always mean the best deal - make sure the printing you order ticks all your other boxes too.

Important questions you should be asking when looking for leaflets and flyers includes:

  • What type of print process is the printer using? Cheap printing (as in cheap and nasty) isn't going to impress anyone. You're looking for a professional finish.
  • Are there any hidden costs? We offer free delivery with every order, but many don't. Having to pay for delivery separately is nothing short of irritating!
  • What service level do I get? If you're not a professional designer always look for a printer who properly checks your artwork before printing - the last thing you want is to receive your printing and find it looks rubbish!

Why order Leaflets and Flyers from The Local Print Company...

Ok. The 'sales pitch'. Here goes..!

Naturally, our leaflets and flyers are fantastic quality. We pride ourselves in offering a great all-round experience for customers. This means:

  • Easy online ordering
  • Cheap prices
  • Great quality print
  • Fast turnaround
  • Free UK delivery
  • Free artwork checks
  • Fantastic service
  • As much support as you need.

Most of our customers are small businesses, often sole traders. We really enjoy helping customers who struggle with the jargon and complicated products and pricing elsewhere.

Our customers are looking for a simple service with nice friendly people, good prices and ethics that go beyond making a few bob extra by tacking on up-sells that should be included. Our service is everything you'd want from your local supplier, but with the low prices you'd expect from an online business.

We'd love you to order from us because we genuinely believe the printing we produce is as good as or better than you'll find elsewhere, and we care more about your business than your average online supplier.

We offer all the support you need... Naturally.

FREE Artwork Checks

We offer FREE ARTWORK CHECKS with every order - carefully checking all artwork before we print, ensuring we raise any concerns before proceeding.

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Top quality printing is what we're about. It's who we are and it's all we're here for. We print fabulous flyer. We print luscious leaflets. We print brilliant business cards. And we're the only printers who are as passionate about printing your order as you are about your own business.  

We're here to help with your printing all day every day, and throughout the evening on twitter. Everything we print is done so with passion and the highest ethics. Our printers are professionals, and whether you're looking to print thousands of leaflets, some personalised business cards or a handful of flyer handouts, we'll be here to guide you through the process.

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