Upload your Artwork

You can upload your artwork files here!

We'll check your order to ensure your files are suitable for print. We care about your order and are passionate about making sure your designs print as perfectly as possible.

Here are a few pointers...

File format - We ask that artwork is sent to us in one of the following file formats; PDF, TIFF or JPG format. Documents which contain more than one side need to be sent as separate files.

Bleed - Artwork must have 3mm bleed on all sides - so your artwork should be the finished size + 6mm (ie business cards should be 91x61mm which we'll trim down to 85x55mm after printing).

Resolution - Your artwork should be 300dpi

Colour - Your files should be CMYK

Please zip your artwork together into a compressed file before sending.

transfer your artwork Please remember to include your order number in the message box!

Other artwork pointers you may like to consider...

In addition to the essential bleed, we suggest that you leave a further 'quiet zone' of around 3mm from the edge of your page (this helps avoid things looking like they're about to fall off the edge of the page). We also suggest that the ink makeup for black is no more than 140% and for colours not more than 230%.

Printing from Microsoft Documents

We cannot use Word, Exel, Publisher, Powerpoint or Works file formats for printing. You can however convert these file types really easily online by visiting http://convert.neevia.com The best bit is that it's FREE!